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Urban mobility and traffic are increasingly hot issues in contemporary urban areas, and independent studies proved that about 30% of overall road congestion is due to parking search. Smart Parking solutions allow Cities to improve drivers experience by reducing idle itineraries looking for a free spot, and related fuel consumption, air pollution, time waste and stress.

Our Smart Urban Network allows municipalities to remotely monitor and control parking facilities, collecting and taking advantage of a full range of parking-related data, such as the number of available lots in a specific area, the duration of each parking and possible abuses (ie. vehicles exceeding time limits, unauthorized parking in disabled spots or in electrical vehicle charging stations, etc.).

Our Smart Parking Sensors support 6LoWPAN and grant radio communication availability over 99%, detection accuracy up to 99.5% and up to 10-year battery life with a sensing technology which assures outperforming stability and reliability.

Our devices fit the needs of off-street and on-street car parking, indoor and outdoor facilities, multi-storey parks (ie. shopping malls, airports, sports stadiums, etc.), time-limited parking lots, electric vehicles charging stations and trucks and coaches parking areas.

Parking data enable a smarter management of existing facilities and the increase of average usage rates, with to the opportunity of setting dynamic pricing schemes and even launching emission-based fares. Parking operators can seamlessly integrate our solution with mobile apps, variable message panels and traffic guidance systems to offer drivers additional services such as real-time parking availability information and directions, online booking and payment services, parking coupons and valet services for shops and local businesses, and more.

up to -30% traffic congestion

Discover our Smart Parking portfolio

Smart Parking Sensors

Above Ground and Under Ground versions available

  • The simplest, cost-effective and reliable way to detect if a parking space is occupied by a vehicle
  • Supporting licence-free 868 MHz, 915 MHz and 920 MHz radio frequencies
  • Standing harsh weather conditions and high mechanical constraints
  • Battery powered, lasting up to 10 years
  • Ease of installation, configuration and maintenance

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Network devices and systems

Smart Repeater

  • Reliable self-configuring and self-healing wireless networking of Smart Parking Sensors
  • To be placed either indoor or outdoor, preferably mounted on walls or poles

Smart Gateways

  • Local data collection point of any Smart Parking detection solution, as well as main interface to third-party systems

Smart Gateway

Software management system

Smart CMS

  • Our software platform for device and network management

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