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Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
Efficiency, reliability, sustainability
Machine-2-Machine, Home Area Network
Bringing any object into the Internet of Things
Comprehensive and secure data collection, transport and delivery
Industrial condition monitoring
Reliable and advanced continuous and predictive asset monitoring
Innovative platforms to remotely
control, collect, store and deliver information

About the company

Paradox Engineering is a highly dynamic technology company that builds its success on its spirit of exploring markets and pioneering technologies to enable customers unlocking the value of their data through the effective collection, transport, store and delivery of information.

Global virtual networks, wireless sensor networks and smart technologies are key components of our portfolio, for customers requiring future proof and cost effective solutions for their smart grid/smart city projects, energy management, condition and remote monitoring/industrial process monitoring, engineering and telemetry projects.

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Paradox Engineering launches PE.STONE

Paradox Engineering has launched PE.STONE (Paradox Engineering SmarObject Network Engine), its new offering enabling companies to build their own Internet of Things solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Energy Management, Wireless Sensor Networks for any M2M, HAN (Home Area Network), HUMS (Health Usage Monitoring Service) and industrial control systems.


Recent News

  • Bellinzona to implement new Smart Lighting project choosing Paradox Engineering solutions

    Paradox Engineering has been chosen by the City of Bellinzona, Ticino Canton, Switzerland for a lighting management project. This project, implemented in close collaboration with AMB – Aziende Municipalizzate Bellinzona -and the Municipality of Bellinzona enables the management and control of public lighting thanks to Paradox Engineering’s PE.AMI, the Company’s open standard multipurpose platform supporting future proof lighting management.
  • Smart Parking Management: the new pillar of Paradox Engineering’s offering for Smart Cities

    Paradox Engineering launches PE.AMI Parking Management solution, the new off the shelf vertical application for managing parking lots in a smarter and more efficient way, improving livability, sustainability and economy for Cities by managing traffic and reducing congestion.

    PE.AMI Parking Management allows municipalities to remotely control parking lots and offers citizens a full range of data related to available parking in a specific area, the duration of each parking and by when it will be free, with great benefits in terms of time, fuel and stress saving, supporting Paradox Engineering's vision in enabling the Internet of Things to make Cities Smart. 
  • Paradox Engineering tightens the partnership with NEC Europe

    Acknowledging Paradox Engineering's uniqueness and technology, NEC recognizes the value offered by Paradox Engineering choosing the company as its technology provider to respond to the needs of utilities, multi-utilities and municipalities to become “Smarter”.
  • PE.AMI

    PE.AMI is the first integrated sub-GHz ultra-low power IPv6 6LoWPAN wireless full mesh multi-application NarrowBand/BroadBand network platform for remote control, machine-to-machine (M2M) data monitoring and bidirectional communication for municipalities, utility and multiutility companies. PE.AMI builds a completely open standard...

  • PE.WSNi

    Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks: at the forefront of condition and remote monitoring technologies

    PE.WSNi is a scalable and modular system enabling rapid and cost-effective design and deployment of a reliable sub-GHz wireless-mesh network featuring 6LowPAN protocol for data acquisition from any kind of new or existing industrial sensor.

  • PE.VNO

    Virtual Network Operator: bringing your business beyond any boundaries

    PE.VNO virtually extends the company perimeter by successfully collecting, transporting, storing and delivering data anytime and anywhere around the world, enabling companies to significantly reduce their operating costs and define new revenue opportunities. It represents a secure...

  • PE.Services

    Complete technological ownership of products and solutions, whose intellectual property is 100% owned by Paradox Engineering, assures the ability to answer any technological and future needs and requirements.

    Owning 100% of intellectual property to us means devoting our technology, knowledge & experience, human capital, business networks and channels to our customer needs, ensuring we can design and develop...